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Mudtrekker at Cahaya SPK, Shah Alam, Selangor operated by MWB Paintball Club, registered to the Malaysian Sports Council under the Sports Ministry. MTZ has 1 event field, 1 speedball tournament fields. For leisure paintball, we have the Wild West Cowboy town, Angker Hill, Fox Hole Valley and the latest in 2019 is the Camelot Castle.

This park is most suited for large corporate events or family days, there are banquet rooms, modern club house showers and changing rooms, poolside restaurants and other racquet games at the club house. It’s you one stop outing venue.


This is a competition field made up of air inflated bunkers and grounds a turfed with grass.


brings you back to the wild west when gun slingers use to roam the old frontier. Made up of wooden structures.


The skirmish sites of old Vietnam hill battles.


A high adrenaline intense field. Made up of close knitted bunkers.


Camelot has 2 levels, ground floor and 1 floor up. The walls are 8 feet to 12 feet high. The buildings are life size and the first of it’s kind in Malaysia.

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